Baton Rouge Flood Relief Efforts

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Baton Rouge is dedicated to helping recover, repair and rebuild with our community. The widespread flooding last month damaged over 142,000 homes in South Louisiana, with the majority of those homes not protected by flood insurance. Since the flooding we have been working to meet one of the most urgent needs during this time, which is quickly removing Sheetrock, insulation and flooring from the affected homes before they become unsalvageable.

We have teams of volunteers gutting homes every day, and are processing the over 1,000 applications for assistance we have received in the last few weeks. In the coming months we will begin taking applications for repair and rebuilding.

To support our flood relief and recovery efforts donate here.

Funds donated to our flood relief efforts will go toward purchasing materials necessary to gut and treat flood affected homes, as well as toward our rebuilding efforts in the Greater Baton Rouge area as we assess the need for affordable housing among those affected by the flood.

Volunteers are needed Tuesday-Saturday.

If you would like to volunteer for our recovery and rebuilding efforts,
please email

Thank you and continue to pray for the Baton Rouge community.

If you own your home (that is not a trailer), do NOT have flood insurance, and are in need of assistance gutting and cleaning, please fill out the following form.

We will review the information and contact you about scheduling.

Thanks to Taylor Swift for the $100,000 donation to flood relief!